missy Fleming
Black is the colour of my true love's hair....

1.Birdy – White Winter Hymnal
I was following the pack,
All swallowed in their coats
With scarves of red tied 'round their throats
To keep their little heads
From fallin' in the snow
And I turned 'round and there you go.
And, Michael, you would fall,
And turn the white snow
Red as strawberries in the summertime

2. Mumm-Ra – She's Got You High

She's got you high and you don't even know yet.
The sun's in the sky, it's warming up your bare legs,
You can't deny you're looking for the sunset.

3.Kyla La Grange – Walk Through Walls
And you're two feet away from my arms
But my head is weighed down by the spark
And it’s too much to take when you turn
When I still haven't seen what i've learned

4. City And Colour – Waiting...
Hoping a better place is all I need,
with moments of innocence and mystery.
Oh, it's the little things you miss.
Like waking up all alone.
Oh, it's the little things you miss,
when you're underneath it all.

5. Cecile Corbel – A Different World
Look up at the sky
If you feel lonely
This is the same sky
I stare at too.

6. The Civil Wars – Kingdom Come

Don't you fret my dear
It'll all be over soon
I'll be waiting here
For you

Run, fast as you can
No one has to understand
Fly high across the sky from here to kingdom come
Fall back down to where you are from

7. Chris Pureka – Landlocked
well if you want to know all the time felt like
crawling and crawling down the bottom of a well
and if you want to know I never could
let it go let it go let it go until now

8. If These Trees Could Talk – Barren Lands of a Modern Dinosaur

9. Janelle Monae – 57821
Early each morning he searched for her
Til his feet become bloody and tired
Her hologram photo stayed near to him
Buried deep in the pits of his heart
The lock of gray hair that she gave to him
Stayed clutched in his fist through the night
Dead or alive, she still yearned for him
Cause even in darkness there's light, oh and

10. The Kooks – Naive
I know that she knows that I'm not fond of asking
True or false, it may be
She's still out to get me

11. The Coral – Far From The Crow

And far from the crowd

Where did you go?
Waiting by the rocks
Stories never told

One forgotten day
Sadly passed away
Into the ground
And far from the crowd

12.The Fray – Where The Story Ends

All we know is distance
We're close and then we run
Kiss away the difference
I know you hate this one



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